Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Powerful WordPress enterprise hosting that’s secure and instantly scalable, with remarkable performance, tools for enterprise needs.


Hazgui WP offers flexible solutions to large-scale WordPress projects with the most experienced people in the managed hosting space. We serve a variety of enterprise clients with a focus on speed, high availability and stellar support.
The Hazgui WP Enterprise team brings competence on security, scaling and performance, as well as hands-on technical expertise on code, database performance and integrations.

We believe that simplicity is the key to cost efficient performance and scalability. Simplicity is the base of the speed in the Hazgui WP Cloud, and lays a solid foundation, that is easy to work with for all stakeholders in a WordPress project.

Fewer moving parts keeps costs down, incurs less maintenance, more stable services, smoother operations and quicker problem identification when something goes wrong.

Unparallelled speed in the Cloud

Great user experiences begin with building on the premises of exceptional Hazgui WP Cloud speed. It is easy to develop and maintain fast performing WordPress or WooCommerce stores on this foundation, and it guarantees consistent delivery of snappy responses to end users.

Enterprise scaling of WordPress

There are a variety of factors that are relevant when scaling, like geographical target area, persistent and peak levels of traffic, whether the WordPress site is largely static and can be cached, or if it is a WooCommerce with highly dynamic content.

At Hazgui WP we use a few simple principles when we scale Enterprise WordPress sites.

Meeting Enterprise support and SLA requirements

HAzgui WP delivers the support level to meet your managed risk levels and business goals. That means that we provide SLA options that match the support level requirements of your organization.

Hazgui WP 99.9% SLA

All Hazgui WP Enterprise offerings include the 100% network and power uptime, and a 99.9% service uptime guarantee. Chat and email support is included, and the SLA can be extended with custom maintenance windows and faster customer service response times.

Hazgui WP + Cloudflare 100% SLA

Hazgui WP and Cloudflare provide a joint 100% uptime guarantee SLA that enables your service to always be online. This includes chat and email support with a median response time of 25 minutes. Always Online™ crawls your site daily to deliver static portions of your site, even if the origin is down or under maintenance.

2500% SLA

The 2500% uptime guarantee SLA includes phone, chat and email support with a 15 minute median response time, in addition to access to the 24/7/365 emergency phone support hotline. Always Online™ crawls your site daily to deliver static portions of your site, even if the origin is down or under maintenance.

Hazgui WP WordPress Enterprise hosting pricing

Enterprise Starter

The enterprise starter plan
High Performance 32 GB
Unlimited PHP workers
Cloudflare Business included

Small Enterprise

For small and growing enterprises
High Performance 128 GB
Priority support
Unlimited PHP workers
Cloudflare Business included


For the enterprise with a global audience
Tailored distribution
Custom security
Dedicated customer success manager
Unlimited PHP workers
Cloudflare Business or Enterprise


HAZGUI WP mission is to create custom websites and marketing plans for businesses of all varieties. Regardless of your size, you should have a website that speaks your ideas and helps you grow.
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