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Hazgui WP is a managed WordPress hosting provider that helps take care of all your needs regarding your website. We run our services on cutting-edge technology and take support seriously.

From Performance to 24/7 Support, You Get Everything!

Launch your WordPress site without paying extra for the features you need. All our WordPress plans come with a managed option, a first-year domain, SSL, email and more.
With each WordPress plan, you'll get free, 24/7 WordPress support. And unlike other WordPress hosts, you'll have a direct line to your own WordPress professional and personal consultant.

It’s critical that your website provides a solid foundation for running and scaling your business. Rather than hiring Devops engineers with WordPress experience to manage your site and infrastructure, you may consider using a Managed WordPress Hosting solution. Your company will save money and have a team of hosting experts ensuring your WordPress website remains available, secure, and fast.


Managed WordPress Hosting is a specific type of web hosting solution that is tailor-made and optimized specifically for supporting WordPress sites and users. Managed WordPress hosting is like having a team of WordPress and hosting experts working on your website, removing the cost and burden of managing your site’s hosting in-house.

Managed WordPress Hosting is designed specifically to handle WordPress. It provides optimal technology and resources to support WordPress websites. Partnering with a managed WordPress hosting company takes care of all the technical aspects of hosting for you – including security, performance, and other factors.


There are some fundamental benefits only managed WordPress hosts can deliver.


Site availability and server uptime are crucial for any online business. If your company’s website generates revenue, downtime means lost revenue. Also, it can damage your brand’s reputation and negatively impact your site’s visibility to search engines (also known as Search Engine Optimization). Typically, web hosts guarantee at least 99% uptime. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you’ll actually get 99% uptime.

High traffic to a WordPress website can put a lot of strain on server resources because of WordPress’s dynamic functionality. A host that is optimized for WordPress hosting can use intelligent caching and robust database solutions to ensure your site stays functional and responsive when you need it most.


A web hosting company that does not specialize in WordPress will have a more difficult time addressing WordPress-specific technical concerns. When you speak to customer support about an issue with your website, you want to talk to someone who has the WordPress expertise and experience to solve your problem immediately. Shared and VPS hosts may offer more affordable services than Managed WordPress Hosting, but when you run into an issue such as an attack on your WordPress site or uptime issues, it could take several days of emailing back and forth just to get your support request escalated to someone with the WordPress familiarity and expertise to address the issue. Meanwhile, you could be losing thousands of dollars in sales.


A reputable and experienced Managed WordPress Hosting company continually tests the latest hardware and software to find the optimum hosting environment specifically for WordPress. They use a modern hosting tech stack and fine-tune it to handle the unique demands of WordPress.

Most modern hosts leverage a public cloud provider because cloud platforms, like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, provide hosting infrastructure advantages over traditional options.

our hosting stack is built on AWS. This allows our customers to leverage a nearly infinite amount of server resources and the vast ecosystem of cloud hosting services AWS has created. These resources and tools allow us to support and scale WordPress applications as needed and without constraint. With such a vast and flexible pool of server resources available, we can use everything from a pair of nodes to a cluster of 10+ machines to ensure hardware is never a limiting factor on your site’s growth and reliability. This allows your host to carry massive amounts of web traffic without sacrificing performance. In addition, with access to AWS customers can leverage 13 global data centers around the globe.


A Managed WordPress Hosting plan provides an easy way to update the core WordPress application and needed plugins. Keeping the software that powers your site up-to-date is critical for the security, performance, and compatibility of your site.

A well-managed WordPress host may handle WordPress updates for you. But an expertly managed WordPress host will keep your software up-to-date and actively monitor how each updates impacts your site through automated tests that ensure your site is still running smoothly. In the event an issue is detected, the update can be automatically rolled back, restoring your site to functioning condition.


Shared hosting packages typically don’t offer any assistance if your site falls victim to a cyber attack or if you encounter malware problems. Secure WordPress hosting is perhaps the biggest incentive for moving to Managed WordPress Hosting. When you partner with a managed WordPress host, routine software updates and a specialized hosting environment mean your site is better guarded against hackers, bots, and other security concerns. And you can expect regular security checks and malware removal.

A good hosting reputation will prove outstanding security for its clients. If a host can boast that they’ve experienced a single serious security incident, you’re in good hands. A robust suite of security services is a comprehensive security architecture that hardens and protects a network, hardware, and WordPress applications with a focus on prevention and the mitigation of risk to clients.


If your team wants to be hands-on with your server environment, Managed WordPress Hosting provides developer-friendly tools that you’re unlikely to get with most shared hosting plans. You get tools like SSH, staging, GIT and WP-CLI, in addition to basics like SFTP, database access, and error/access logs. In addition, you receive support for customer PHP extensions including New Relic, system crontab access, and more.

If it’s important to you, look for integration with the WordPress REST API. A Partner API would be useful for customers who want to integrate their host into their workflows to quickly spin up new sites under their hosting account.

The ability to quickly clone your live site and test your changes is hugely beneficial so you can also push updates back to your production site using your own workflows.


Small businesses using shared or VPS hosting typically use caching plugins and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to optimize page speed. This provides faster loading times for international visitors. Managed WordPress Hosting can take care of all that for you.

For example, Redis Cache is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache, and message broker. Redis provides data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperloglogs, geospatial indexes, and streams. Redis has built-in replication, Lua scripting, LRU eviction, transactions, and different levels of on-disk persistence, and provides high availability via Redis Sentinel and automatic partitioning with Redis Cluster.
Hassle-free WordPress Migration to Managed Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting, perfected.

Managed WordPress hosting is there to handle the complexity of hosting for you, while delivering the best digital experiences to your business and your customers.


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